Building People
Building the Kingdom

“Come to Him then, to that Living Stone which men tried and threw away but which is chosen and precious in God’s sight.
Come, and like living stones, be yourselves built into a spiritual house for a holy, dedicated, consecrated priesthood;
to offer up those spiritual sacrifices that are
acceptable and pleasing to God through Jesus Christ.”
1 Peter 2: 4 – 5

Our Leaders

Pastor Gary & Lorita Bryden.1Pastor Gary and Pastor Lorita oversee the administration of the charity, teach the Word of God
and tend to the spiritual needs of the congregation.

God has given us a Spirit-led couple who not only love and inspire the congregation,
but also instruct and guide with wisdom based solely on the Word of God.
They are sold out to Jesus and filled with great vision and purpose.

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Come and find your place with us so that you may be rooted and grounded in Christ and fulfil His vision for our city and our nation.


We are dedicated to grounding people in the Word of God and empowering them for the great commission of Christ.


Christ is the Head of the church, and the church is His body. He is our Rock and you are Christ’s and Christ is God’s.


To establish a multi-cultural Spirit-led ministry where people are evangelised, discipled and cared for.
To equip every member as a minister of the gospel of reconciliation;
To reach “the lost, the poor, the broken-hearted, the prisoner, the blind and the oppressed”.
To restore Christ-like values and morals to our communities.



Jesus Christ, as son of God, is the only way to salvation for a lost and sinful mankind and that new birth through Him is essential to attain eternal life.
The bible is the Word of God; inspired and empowered by God. Everything we believe is established and evident in God’s holy, written word.
The gift God gave His people until He returns. The Holy Spirit regenerates with life, all who confess and believe Jesus to be their personal Lord and saviour. The finished work of Jesus Christ includes salvation, healing, deliverance, prosperity and protection for all believers who have faith in His grace. This is worked out in a vital present-day ministry of the Holy Spirit, continuing what was started on the day of Pentecost, as He helps; guides and empowers the body of believers. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and in the operation of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Son, Jesus Christ, who laid down His life for our atonement.
There is one God who exists as three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father who loved us enough to give His only Son.
The local church is a place of nurture and fellowship for the believer. A place to be equipped in order to be an overcomer in this life and fulfil the commission from our Lord Jesus to reach a dying world with the good news of His gospel. We believe that Lord Jesus Christ is returning soon for His church; the body of believers.

Living Stones

In Christ we have:

Want to worship with us?

It would be our greatest pleasure to have you visit us, we promise to make you feel welcome as we worship and experience the warm embrace of Father God together.