Hello Dear Women of Passion, Power and Purpose. Following the success of last year’s conference, we are looking forward to what God has in store for us at our 2017 conference simply called, “Fragrance.”

Registration for this event is required. To secure your seat, please register at the church bookshop, or click the link below to book online.

Meet Your Speakers

Pastor Lorita Bryden
Pastor Lorita Bryden, heads up “Women of Passion Power & Purpose”, a ministry encouraging women to be passionate for Christ. Prior to committing her life to Christ she was a successful business woman. As an ordained minister, she has served as a Head of a Bible School, led various outreach projects to help transform the lives of the lost, the poor and the broken-hearted.

Whilst Pastor Lorita is a multi-talented woman in many disciplines, today she can be described first and foremost as a true worshipper, and so it is her love for Christ that compels her to devote her life to helping others. Her ministry is built upon ‘The Rock, Christ Jesus’ and driven by her zeal to see ‘the whole earth filled with the knowledge of the glory of God’.

Each message that Pastor Lorita brings is priceless because you can clearly hear that she has sat at the Father’s feet, looking intently into the depth of the Living Word, and so she communicates with such power and authority that lives are truly changed. It is evident that she has been called “for such a time as this”.

Her prayer for this year’s Fragrance Conference is that every lady who attends will receive a fresh understanding of their uniqueness and inner beauty and that each one will be helped to walk in the fullness of Godly womanhood.

Ms Robyn Henry
Robyn Henry, our guest speaker, although being wonderfully and beautifully gifted, Robyn has had to learn how to overcome intense fear, doubt and procrastination to embark on the road of freedom to take a hold of her ambitious dream to become a successful entrepreneur.

Her journey has not always been easy but through it all, she has learnt how to dig deep, to take a hold of her dreams and to make them happen while staying true and committed to her Christian faith.

As a testimony to her overcoming major obstacles, Robyn now has her own business and supports new and aspiring female entrepreneurs in their twenties to boldly and bravely make their dreams a reality. She also coaches the introverted dreamer how to overcome all the paralyzing restrictions, as she also faced, to become confident and bold in becoming who they were destined to be.

Robyn was such a blessing, both as a speaker and a singer, at our Pearls of Wisdom Conference in 2015; so it is a great joy and privilege to welcome her back to Birmingham. It will be brilliant to hear about her recent exploits in the Lord as she reveals the ‘FRAGRANCE’ from our Father’s heart.