The Way: The Truth, and The Life

The only way to be victorious in this life is to trust God; do what He says. If you still need victory in an area in your life, open the ears and the eyes of your heart, thus renewing your mind according to the instruction in the promise … read more

HEALING: When He Reigns in Your Life

Christ has commanded that the gospel be preached to, the entire world, to all Nations: to every creature: preached with all power: throughout all the days, even unto the end of the age. Thus we know that the Gospel is relevant until He comes again, and that a large part of the Gospel, are the miraculous signs of the New Covenant … read more

HEALING: Personal faith for your own healing

If you are sick God desires to make you well and to cause you to prosper. It has been God’s heart from the very earliest of time that healing of His people should be an integral ingredient of His Covenant … read more